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Meet Our Farm Friends

Not only do we have goats at Rierson Farms, we also have other critters residing here! Get to know our other farm friends.



Guard Pup

Clyde is our new guard pup. He is a Great Pyrenees, a breed known for being great protectors of livestock. He has already moved into a cozy stall in our barn and is getting to know his herd. He is full of that puppy energy!

IMG_8756 (1).jpg

Mila & Mason

Barn Cats/Hunters

Mason & Mila were neighborhood cats at our previous home. When we moved, we brought them with us to become barn cats. As a kitten, Mason was adopted by Mila after her kittens were taken away. So far, Mason has killed several mice and Mila can be found wandering the farm, meeting anyone who pulls in. Mason is the gray one and Mila is the white one.


Ollie & Finn

Barn Protectors

Ollie & Finn were rescued from a farm where they lacked love and care. During the first few months, they were very skittish and afraid of humans. It took several months of love, patience, and lots of snacks before we were able to gain their trust. Now, they are the firsts to greet visitors and beg for head scratches!


Roody & Ollie

Farm Piggies

These two boys came from a very loving home where their mom gave them lots of attention, snacks, and cuddles daily. They are super sweet and often beg for carrots. At first, the goats did not know what to think of them but now they are just part of the herd. Roody and Ollie enjoy taking a dip in their pool, napping in the shade, and exploring the woods.

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