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Meet Our Goats

These are the happy goats residing at Rierson Farms. Saying that they stole our hearts is an understatement!



Forsetti and Neptune were the original goats of Rierson Farms! These sisters were brought to the farm in February 2019 (already named!). Forsetti is a bit more ginger than Neptune. Forsetti is the mother of many of our goats, including Rosie, Darla, and Phoebe. She is very vocal and likes to make it known when it is dinner time.



Rosie was born at the farm to Forsetti in April 2019. She's our little climber! Ever since she was able to walk, she's been jumping on anything and everything she can find. Just ask her uncle Parker!



This handsome man was rescued in July 2019 at a sale after being stolen and abandoned at the local flea market. He was lonely, scared, and in need of a loving family... luckily Zach was there to get this little fella! He has since received lots of love and care from his adoptive parents.



Jane was part of a herd of goats we brought to the farm in February 2020. About a week after she arrived, she gave birth to Mateo... during the last snow storm of the winter! She is known as the loudest goat of the farm, always having something to say as soon as you arrive.



Our sweet girl Astrid stole our hearts from the first time we laid eyes on her. She was part of the herd brought in February 2020. We call her our "chocolate cow" due to her resemblance to a small brown cow. She will follow you around and give you a tour of the farm in exchange for some love.


Mo Mo

Mo Mo is also a part of the herd brought in February 2020. She is very petite and has some fun markings! Mo Mo is mother to Patches, who also bears her mother's markings. She loves to join Jane's chorus when someone arrives at the farm.



Mateo is head honcho of the farm! As our first male goat born at the farm, he has become the leader of our male herd. Don't let this fool you though, he is very sweet and loves to get his head rubbed. He is the son of Jane.



Patches is Mo Mo's first child. She is our little blue-eyed girl! She doesn't often approach people but she is very observant and curious about everything we do. She has had a couple of babies of her own, including Elliott and Elouise.


Sage & Clover

These sweet sisters arrived at the farm in May 2021. They came from a very loving farm a few hours away and have become the first of our Nubian herd! You can hear Sage and Clover screaming for love as soon as you pull into the farm. Fun Fact: Most of the goat milk used in our soaps comes from these ladies.



Sebastian (also known as Little Man) is the gentlest little boy goat we have ever seen! He was born to Neptune and is the youngest of the baby goats born in 2021. He can often be found quietly roaming around the pasture by himself.



Sisters Scarlett and Shadow were born to Astrid in January 2021. They are always by their mom's side and love to be petted just like Astrid. Shadow has found a new home alongside Abby. Scarlett can still be seen hanging out with her mom everywhere she goes!



Darla and her brother Hans were born to Forsetti, making them Rosie's younger siblings. Hans has since left the farm to a new loving home where he is cuddled and fed kiwis daily. If you feel little hooves on your leg, chances are that it is Darla coming to say hello!



Annie, Abby, and Little Boy were the very first triplets born at the farm to Jane. Little Boy has found a new home with Hans were they are spoiled by their new human mom everyday. Abby also found a new home alongside Shadow. Annie loves to climb on her mom and often begs for attention. Be careful though! She will try to eat your hair!



Little Ava was our miracle baby. Ava was born to Oreo on the concrete floor on a very cold evening. Luckily, her human parents came right on time to rescue her! They got her all wrapped up in warm towels and under a heat lamp immediately and were able to save her. She is now the spunkiest goat in the herd!

IMG_9288 (1).jpg


Pearl is an Alpine goat and came from a nearby farm. Alpines are known for being great milk producers. Pearl is the biggest goat in our herd and has become great friend with our Great Pyrenees, Clyde. Her previous owner let us know she loves Ritz crackers. We've got a secret stash just for her!



Miguel is one of the newest arrivals at the farm. He is a shy guy who  loves treats. Miguel is bestfriends with Mateo. You can often find them playing around and head butting each other.


Betty & Michael

Betty and Michael came from the same farm as Miguel and Caytie. Michael is Betty's older kid. You can tell him apart by his tiny ears, a characteristic of the LaMancha breed. Betty and Michael are inseparable! You will never see one without the other. They are very sweet and gentle goats but are still cautious around everyone. It will take some time to gain their trust but we are up for the challenge!


Elliott & Elouise

Elliott and Elouise were born to Patches in the Spring of 2022. Elliott is the brown, white, and black baby. Elouise is the solid black baby. They are both really sweet and spunky!



Penelope came to us from a place where she was the only goat. She was in search of new home where she could make some friends. Luckily, we had no shortage of friends for her! Though she was a little shy at first, she quickly adjusted and befriended our goats. She is now thriving as part of our herd.

In Memory Of

All of our goats are special and loved deeply from the moment they arrive at our farm. These goats will forever hold a special place in our hearts.



Neptune was one of the original two goats at the farm. She came to us with her sister Forsetti who still resides with us. For a long time we believed Neptune was eternally pregnant. Turns out she was just a little on the curvy side! Eventually she did give birth to 3 handsome boys. Neptune passed away on November 30th, 2021. We will always remember our sweet girl.



Little Caytie was our first bottle baby at the farm. She was Betty's daughter. We were given Caytie after her mom was unable to take care of her. She had three other siblings that did not make it. She was a joy to be around, always following us throughout the farm as we did our farm chores. She loved to greet new visitors and even had the pleasure of going to an elementary school to teach kids about farming. Caytie passed away on May 18th, 2022. Though Caytie lived a short life, she led a joyful life full of love and freedom. We will always love our little girl.



Oreo was part of the herd brought to the farm in February 2020. As you can see, her name is very fitting as her colors resemble an Oreo cookie. Oreo was a very sweet girl who at first liked to keep her distance from people. It took a long time to gain her trust but she appreciated everything we did for her. She was often seen hanging out with her boyfriend Rocco. Oreo passed away in October 2022. She is missed very much.

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