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Meet the Team


Zachary & Monica Rierson

Owners & Operators

Zach grew up visiting his grandparents at their farm. They had a few animals throughout the years, including horses, goats, and peacocks. At a young age, he became interested in farm living. He found he had a passion for growing vegetables and raising livestock. Not only that but he was great at it! In the summer, he would grow vegetables for his family and friends. He also began a small flock of chickens for eggs.

On the other hand, Monica never dreamed of becoming a farmer. She was born in Panama and moved to the U.S. at a young age with her mother. They faced many hardships throughout her childhood. This instilled in her a desire to help others the way she and her mother were once helped.

Shortly after they met, Zach introduced Monica to the farm life. Somehow, it came natural to her too! Two months into their relationship, they purchased their first two goats, Neptune and Forsetti. A few months later, Forsetti gave birth to Rosie. Fast forward a few years and they now have a herd goats along with chickens, guineas, donkeys, pigs, rabbits and more!

In March of 2021, they officially registered Rierson Farms NC as an L.L.C. They began this small business with the dream of helping their community gain access to fresh produce and natural products at an affordable price. They are now members of the Thomasville Farmer's Market and Lexington Farmer's Market as well as Piedmont Fresh, a local food hub offering the community fresh food from the convenience of their home. They are excited to see what the future holds!

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