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Farm Products

There are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables blooming at Rierson Farms NC. As part of our philosophy, we have a deep respect for nature’s ways, which is why all of our produce is farmed locally and responsibly. We only sell whatever is in season, so you can be sure that anything you buy at Rierson Farms NC is freshly picked. In addition, we offer farm fresh eggs, goat milk products, and more!


Seasonal Produce

Buy our seasonal produce to truly enjoy what nature has to offer! These are available now! Join our mailing list to get updates on which produce we have available throughout the summer and fall. Contact us directly to purchase or visit our booth at The Hen House in Thomasville.


Farm Eggs

Pick up your Farm Eggs from Rierson Farms NC. We have been told by many of our customers that we have the most beautiful and delicious eggs around! That’s because every egg laid at Rierson Farms NC is made with love by our wonderful ladies, so our eggs look better and taste better. Try them out yourself.


Homemade Goat Milk Soaps

Available for purchase now!

Our soaps use the milk from our ladies as the base to create a silk-like, moisturizing soap to leave your skin clean, soft, and rejuvenated!

Many varieties available now for purchase or pre-ordering!

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