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About Us

Rierson Farms NC is a small, family-owned farm servicing Davidson County and surrounding areas in North Carolina. We offer the local community a variety of fresh farm products such as pasture raised eggs, produce, livestock, and goat milk soap. We are home to several feathered and furry friends, including goats, donkeys, chickens, guineas, rabbits and more. We currently work with the Thomasville and Lexington Farmers Market to reach members of our community. Some of our products can also be found through Piedmont Fresh.


Rierson Farms NC was founded on the premise of bringing locally sourced produce and natural products at an affordable price. Along with this, we aim to eliminate common stigmas that deter people from shopping at farmer’s markets and shopping locally by providing education and a sense of inclusion, to create a sense of comfort in buying and supporting local. At the end of the day, when you shop with us, we aim to provide, educate, and inspire others to support local, consume better, and develop a sense of giving back to others.


We take pride in growing naturally on our farm after seeing our grandparents fight chronic health problems stemming from chemicals used in commercial growing practices. We utilize our animals and what our farm offers to create a growing environment free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. At the end of the day, we want to feel confident that our customers are receiving the highest quality produce possible, grown safely and free from harmful additives.

We Are Certified Naturally Grown

What is Certified Naturally Grown?

CNG farmers do not use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. CNG livestock are raised mostly on pasture and with space for freedom of movement. Feed must be grown without synthetic inputs or genetically modified seeds.

Certified Naturally Grown farmers are required to submit to an annual inspection and pay an annual fee. CNG farms may be inspected by other CNG farmers, non-CNG farmers, extension agents, and master gardeners, with CNG farmers being ideal. All CNG farms are subject to random pesticide residue testing.

During the application and inspection process, farmers are throughly asked about their growing practices to ensure that all elements meet the standards of the certification.

To learn more, see our PDF or visit the CNG website below. You can also find other local CNG farms through the CNG website.

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